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Over glasses sun glasses save you from the hassles of changing glasses every time you go out in the sun. When the weather is hot and the sun glare is blinding, wear the flip up or the slip on to stay comfy throughout the day. Many people have the type of profession that keeps them out during the daytime. Construction workers, sales people, bus drivers all have to encounter the harsh UV rays on a daily basis. They like to wear the fashionable sunglasses over glasses to boost their performance. When you have the happy eyes you can be more productive on your job.
The 3000BM over glasses safety sunglass features the mirrored lenses and fits over most prescription and reading glasses. The large size ensures a perfect fit over other spectacles.  The scratch resistant lens ensures durability. These safety sunglasses offer 95% UVB and 60% UVA protection. The 6.5" wide and 2.15" high safety sunglass is perfect for skiing. At only $6.95, it is a steal.
If you drive a lot at night, get the 1003-Y! It has the UV 500 lens that exceeds ANSI Z80.3 UV standard for UV protection. The ultraviolet blue light is totally backed by these lenses.  The hard-coated treatment makes it scratch resistant. You can easily slip it on prescription glasses any time you want. Get these two pairs and use them for day and night wear. The lens is made of polycarbonate which makes it unbreakable thus adding more value to your dollar.

If you prefer designer wear, check out the Cocoon collection.  Cocoons L Black Amber comes with polarized lenses that offer 100% UV protection. The product is backed by a lifetime warranty and comes with a free case.
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