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Over Glasses Sun Glasses at Stupendous Prices

Over glasses sun glasses save you from the hassles of changing glasses every time you go out in the sun. When the weather is hot and the sun glare is blinding, wear the flip up or the slip on to stay comfy throughout the day. Many people have the type of profession that keeps them out during the daytime. Construction workers, sales people, bus drivers all have to encounter the harsh UV rays on a daily basis. They like to wear the fashionable sunglasses over glasses to boost their performance. When you have the happy eyes you can be more productive on your job.
The 3000BM over glasses safety sunglass features the mirrored lenses and fits over most prescription and reading glasses. The large size ensures a perfect fit over other spectacles.  The scratch resistant lens ensures durability. These safety sunglasses offer 95% UVB and 60% UVA protection. The 6.5" wide and 2.15" high safety sunglass is perfect for skiing. At only $6.95, it is a steal.
If you drive a lot at night, get the 1003-Y! It has the UV 500 lens that exceeds ANSI Z80.3 UV standard for UV protection. The ultraviolet blue light is totally backed by these lenses.  The hard-coated treatment makes it scratch resistant. You can easily slip it on prescription glasses any time you want. Get these two pairs and use them for day and night wear. The lens is made of polycarbonate which makes it unbreakable thus adding more value to your dollar.

If you prefer designer wear, check out the Cocoon collection.  Cocoons L Black Amber comes with polarized lenses that offer 100% UV protection. The product is backed by a lifetime warranty and comes with a free case.
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Fit over Glasses Sunglasses for Convenience

Fit over glasses sunglasses offer convenience to eyeglass wearers. When you walk into a store you can get overwhelmed by the large selection of eyewear choices. The choice of colors is also wide and can keep you confused for long. Without asking a second person you will find it very difficult to come to a decision.

When you want to buy glasses it is good to check the many brands available online. You need to know your face cut and then search online for the best options for your type of face and also your skin color. Those who have the dark skin will look odd wearing white frames. The ones with a diamond face will also look awkward with round glasses. Round frames need also be not worn by people who have the round faces.

So learn a bit more about the shapes that will be most suitable. You also need not spend a fortune on buying eyeglasses. Some youngsters fall in love with a brand and insist on wearing just that. For them, it is viable to look for an online seller that sells all branded items at a discounted price.

Many online shops carry a diverse collection of frames and lens types. You can find the latest styles in the colors of your choice. When you are out in the sun it is good to protect the eyes from the damaging UV rays. Without sunglasses, you can get a headache and get dizzy as well. Get some decent sunglasses that will last you a few years at least. These days, people prefer to get the fit over glasses sunglasses so they can keep their powered glasses on while in the sun. These glasses have the polarized lenses to keep the eyes comfortable on a hot sunny day.

If you plan to buy glasses online, search for a well-established company as they tend to be more reliable and honest. You can find creations by fashion eyewear designers from around the globe at Speert. The company has been in business since 1947 and offers 80% discount on most fashion eyewear.

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Cocoon Glasses with World Class Polaré® Lens System

Cocoon glasses are great for those who like to work outdoors. If you are into the construction trade or drive cross country or like to ski, these glasses will be the right choice for you. The design of Cocoon frames protects your eyes from debris, the wind and harsh UV rays.

Many people prefer the fit-over as it eliminates the need to take off prescription glasses to wear the sunglasses. Cocoon is a global leader in optical grade fit-over. Their frames and lenses are designed to provide a high level of eye comfort, better performance, and durability. Due to its high-quality components, the Cocoons have become a preferable choice for prescription eyeglass wearers.

All Cocoons use the world class Polaré® lens system and all are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. When you want to isolate your eyes from harsh weather conditions, get a pair of Cocoons to feel more comfortable. Besides the slip-ons you can also get the clip-ons to suit your style. The authentic Cocoon RND-2-Amber has the scratch resistant polarized UV400 lenses with a free flow bridge system. The product is backed by a lifetime warranty and comes with a hard case. Various styles of clip-ons are available online at unbeatable prices. It is good to know the size of your prescription glasses so you can select the right clip-on that fits well over it.

At Speert, you can buy the Cocoon eyewear at factory direct prices. Choose from a large variety of styles and sizes online. Buying online saves you time and gas money. Store space is limited and it cannot carry a large variety as large as on online store. You get the order shipped to your doorstep or any other destination of your choice. Sunglasses also make a nice gift in summers especially for those who like the outdoor sports.

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.50 Reading Glasses in the Latest Styles

.50 Reading glasses can be bought online from a reliable source. Eyes are an important part of your face. While you talk to people you make eye-to-eye contact. Wearing the type of frames that suit your face is important. When you buy from a reliable company you can get both off-the-shelf readers and order prescription glasses with confidence. All the sunglasses showcased on a website can be ordered with powered lenses. Get the bifocals or the polarized lenses or computer glasses delivered to your doorstep.

Since life is busy for most of us, we have no time to go down to the optometrist and order glasses. Space at the optometrist is limited! They cannot manage a large stock in-house. Going through hundreds of glasses can use up, at least, a few hours. With a website it is quite different. You can browse through hundreds of items without a hassle. The good thing about ordering online is that you do not have to come into contact with any strangers. You also do not have to buy under pressure. Some sales people can be very convincing and can sell you something that does not suit you at all.

At Speert, you can buy three pairs of glasses at the price of one. They offer 80% discount on most items. These factory-direct prices help you save money for other things. If you see your kids squinting while watching TV or reading, take them for an eye exam. After you get the prescription, share it online and choose any kid size frames you like. Many brand names from various parts of the world are beyond the reach of a common man. These branded items can now be purchased online at low cost. For orders $24.99 and up you can get free shipping!

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CliC Glasses: Magnetic and Stylish

CliC glasses are probably the best invention for eyeglass wearers. Wearing eyeglasses is costly for those who have a habit of forgetting their glasses in the restaurants or at a friend’s house or at the office. Sometimes, eyeglass wearers forget they slipped their glasses in the hip pocket only to remember after sitting on them. The expense of getting new eyeglasses on and off can be avoided by getting smart looking CliC readers. The metal frames have a magnetic closure and the eyepieces can be separated so the glasses can hang around the neck.

During a sales presentation or while giving a lecture in class, these glasses will add an air of elegance to your personality. CliC Tortoise has a vintage look and with them, you can achieve a retro look within seconds. If you have kids that like to ride bikes, they will like the CliC goggles that protect the eyes from debris, the wind, and sun rays.

When you choose CliC sunglasses or frames, you can get the lenses and coatings of your choice. Get bifocals or tints or polarized or scratch proof lenses to get the eye comfort you need. The lens coatings make the spectacles more durable. See clearly in the sun or while driving or while fishing in deep waters. The powered sunglasses will allow you to see clearly in the sun without having to use sunglasses over glasses.

New styles for men, women and children are showcased at the website of Speert. The company makes prescription glasses within a week. Choose the frame, power, and lens coating! Send in your prescription anytime of the day or night. CliC is only shipped within the United States. All orders $24.99 and above are shipped free of cost. So make use of the free shipping and get a few pairs before summers arrive and the sun gets harsh.

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